Intercare Hospital offers a comprehensive range of surgical services to patients of all ages, from neonatal to adult. We boast an international panel of specialists, with surgeons, anesthesiologists, and well-trained nursing staff from all parts of the globe with a wide range of expertise to provide international standard surgical care for minor or major procedures.

Our multiple specialists, provide quality surgical care over a range of specialties:

  • general surgeons with expertise in oncology, minimally invasive surgeries, breast and thyroid surgery to name but a few,
  • orthopedic services managing trauma care, sports injuries and arthroplasties,
  • ear nose and throat services,
  • pediatric services covering neonatal, congenital, general, and urological services,
  • gynecological surgeons providing minimally invasive surgical procedures and traditional complex surgical care.

Our anaesthesiologists are led by an accomplished and knowledgeable doctor from France, who has ensured that anesthetic care is of the highest standard to provide safe surgery to both adults and children of all ages and medical needs.

The team in the operating theatre works collaboratively with dedicated, talented nurses both in the operating theatre, as well as in the inpatient, emergency department, and outpatient departments to provide holistic and total care from the start of a patient’s surgical journey until the end. Care is provided in a compassionate, professional, and evidence-based manner.

Intercare Hospital welcomes patients to the surgical services at any time day or night.

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