Intercare Hospital Partners with National Bank of Cambodia to Enhance Staff and Family Healthcare

Intercare Hospital signed a Cooperation Agreement with the National Bank of Cambodia to enhance the health and well-being of the National Bank of Cambodia’s employees and their families.

The Cooperation Agreement signing as presided over by H.E. Kru Veasna, Secretary General of the National Bank of Cambodia, and Mr. Jason Harrison, Co-Founder & General Manager of Intercare Hospital, with the honorable witness of Dr. Carolyne Pung, Co-Founder & CEO of Intercare Hospital, and officers from the National Bank of Cambodia.

Through this Cooperation Agreement, Intercare Hospital will provide medical coverage and assistance with special discounts to the employees of the National Bank of Cambodia and their families. This strategic partnership ensures that the National Bank of Cambodia’s staff and loved ones have access to high-quality healthcare, fostering a healthier and more productive work environment. This Cooperation Agreement will facilitate collaborative initiatives for health-related seminars tailored to the National Bank of Cambodia. Furthermore, we intend to launch Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects, encompassing charitable activities and employee volunteer programs.

Within this Cooperation Agreement, Intercare Hospital and the National Bank of Cambodia are confident in significantly elevating the health and engagement of the workforce. We aim to create a more productive and satisfied employee base by providing comprehensive healthcare benefits and promoting wellness initiatives. Additionally, this collaboration is expected to make a substantial positive impact on the broader community by supporting various health-related and social initiatives.

Established in 2020, Intercare Hospital is located in the Olympia Medical Hub Building. The hospital offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services, dedicated to providing accessible medical care to all individuals. Intercare Hospital is committed to treating each patient with the utmost respect and equality, ensuring that every individual receives personalized and dignified care. Receiving medical care from internationally trained local and foreign doctors at Intercare Hospital promises a bright future for Cambodia’s medical landscape. It instills hope and trust in the people by saving and improving their quality of life. The collaboration emphasizes the accessibility of high and international standards of healthcare within Cambodia, showcasing the growing development of the country’s healthcare resources and lessening the dependency on neighboring countries.

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